School Council

Saint Catherine’s School Council is the ‘VOICE’ of the student body. It comprises a group of students who meet regularly to discuss issues brought to them by students and also by staff, Senior Leadership Team and by our Principal, MrsTiffney. The overall aim is to make improvements that will impact positively on the student experience in Saint Catherine's College.

Saint Catherine’s College School Council involves students from all year groups. The School Council is a way of providing our students with a VOICE – Members of School Council; attend meetings to:

express our views;

express the views of other students in our Year group;

put forward ideas for potential changes to our school. 


School Council meetings provide students with many opportunities to play an important role in the running of the school.  This comes about through discussing issues that affect us and by using our VOICE to share our ideas with the adults who run the school.  


BENEFITS to Students

Saint Catherine’s College School Council helps students develop in many ways as we are:

learning about DEMOCRACY;

gaining confidence to speak out in front of others

gaining friends in different Year groups

feeling that our views are important

feeling a part of our school community

learning to be responsible citizens of our school community and wider community (beyond the school)

OUR AIM: As the voice of Saint Catherine’s College students, our overall aim is to make improvements that will impact positively on the student experience in Saint Catherine's College.

WHAT do we do? We make a difference to the student experience.


One of our outgoing Chairpersons commented: "Our School Council has had considerable achievements this year ranging from small improvements to the appearance and content of the homework diaries to larger triumphs such as the new path and zebra crossing from the Convent Road entrance to ensure pupils' safety.

Following feedback from the student body, further changes include: an improved colour and quality of the school scarf, the enhancement of Sixth Form facilities including separate Sixth Form studies for year 13 & 14 with more access to laptops during Study time." 


Cor Unum

In keeping with our school motto “Cor Unum” – one heart - we believe that we are all in it together and should work together to bring about (and to benefit from) changes.


Saint Catherine’s School Council:

WHO are we?

We are a group of students from all Key Stages.

Junior School Council:

Year 8: Art Palmer (8I); Erin Basketfield, Evelina Laksa and Ellie Sheridan (8G); Annarose Tennyson and Eli McKenna (8H) Veronica Littlewood, Olivia Leyburn and  Emma Conroy (8R); Alex Mullan (8C).

Year 10: Eve Mullan; Shannon Matthews; Mia McKee.

Senior Council: (Key Stage 4)

Caoimhe McShane; Catherine Comiskey; Maeve O’Hagan; Eva Fox

Senior School Council (Sixth Form)

Year 14: Cara Rafferty and Zoe White

Year 13: Christy Benny; Sarah McSorley; Shónagh Magee; Alicia Smith; Chloe Mooney; Lisa Toal; Maeve Toner; Kerri Turbitt.



New design and colour for school scarf – students were surveyed and suggested changes to the school scarf.

Pedestrian crossings at Top Block for student safety.

New design of School Planner/ Diary which took into consideration pupils’ opinions on content and appearance of Diary.

A new monitoring system has been set up to keep our bathrooms clean and tidy.

A new school diary/planner has been provided We enabled you to vote on the issue of a new school scarf.

Walkways and pedestrian crossings give PRIORITY TO STUDENTS walking between Top and Bottom Block.  


Thanks to the School Council, your Saint Catherine’s College experience has been improved - what developments are in the pipeline?


HOW can I have MY SAY?

Contact your School Council through Showbie Code GFYKM;

Join the discussion or make a suggestion – we would love to hear from you!

[Meetings are held in B38 at Break-time on Tuesdays.]

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