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Home Economics is an integrated subject where the inter-relationship between diet, health, family, home and resources are addressed in both practical and theoretical contexts.

Home Economics involves pupils in the study of nutrition, food choice, diet and health within the context of home and family. At each Key Stage, the course offered is designed to encourage pupils to think critically, make informed choices, develop practical food skills and manage resources so they are enabled to lead effective lives as individuals and family members as well as members of the wider community.

The knowledge, understanding and skills developed through the delivery of the Programme of Study at Key Stage 3 are consolidated and extended through GCSE Home Economics at Key Stage 4.

In Key Stage 3 the pupils are given opportunities to take part in competitions both in house and outside school which they have found most rewarding.

Key Stage 4 pupils enjoy several educational trips and have close contact with Loughry College where they are involved in diet related talks and food product development sessions.

Child Development also comes under the banner of Home Economics and is offered at Key Stage 4. It involves students in the study of the physical, intellectual, social and emotional development of children from conception to 5 years. This course develops knowledge and understanding of pregnancy, the needs of young children, the roles and responsibilities of parents and the social and environmental influences that affect family life.

All students take Home Economics at Key Stage 3 including those taught through the medium of Irish while at Key Stage 4 and beyond it is available for selection to all students.

Courses selected provide a suitable basis for further study by offering progression to academic and vocational courses as well as providing a basis for those seeking employment in a wide range of settings such as the caring professions, catering, childcare, food production and retailing.

Each morning the Home Economics department under the guidance of Ms Macari and Mrs McGerrigan oversee the Breakfast Club. The Club provides a warm welcome all year round along with a nutritional start to the day.

The Home Economics Department has three full time members of staff, Mrs McManus, Mrs Hegarty, and Ms Macari. Mrs McGerrigan provides technical support for the Department. Through their commitment and enthusiasm, the subject is delivered in a stimulating and vibrant manner using creativity and innovative ideas in the preparation of food. At Key Stage 3 the pupils have practical cookery regularly giving them hands on experience and an opportunity for achieving a successful end product very quickly.



Outside speakers, demonstrations, ICT, videos etc. are all used to add to the diversity of the delivery of the subject. This is continued at Key Stage 4 in Home Economics and Child Development. To add to this the four purpose built classrooms are equipped to a high standard and aesthetically display many examples of students’ work.



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