Careers & Employability

Personal Career Planning is central to careers provision in Key Stages 3 and 4, and in Sixth Form in Saint Catherine’s College. Students are taught the importance of preparing well for the world of work, giving consideration to their future career path. Students are also taught the importance of developing a range of employability skills and qualities in preparation for work and/or further or higher education. Additionally, they learn about the importance of developing their decision making skills, resulting in considered decisions and choices in relation to their career development.


Key Stage 3 (Years 8-10)

Students are introduced to the importance of preparing well for their future careers. In Year 10 students reflect on their past achievements and aspirations. To assist with the completion of their Progress Files, students complete their own Curriculum Vitae, Personal Statement and Personal Career Plan documents. Students investigate a number of careers to identify the academic requirements and personal skills and qualities needed for each career they are interested in.  Students are also taught the importance of making considered GCSE choices to support their career aspirations.


Key Stage 4

In Years 11 and 12 students build upon the work they have undertaken in Key Stage 3. Students are timetabled for specific careers education classes. Students learn about the importance of developing their “personal profile” by engaging in activities both within and outside of the school environment. Most students at Key Stage 4 undertake the GCSE in Learning for Life and Work. The Employability strand of the GCSE gives students opportunities to develop the personal qualities, skills, knowledge, understanding and attitudes that will give them a strong foundation for lifelong learning and work. Students in Year 12 receive a personal careers interview with a member of the local Careers Service N.I. team.  Year 12 students are taught the importance of choosing the correct Post-16 qualifications to support their career aspirations.


Sixth Form

Students in Sixth Form receive timetabled classes each week. Sixth Form students learn more about those Post-18 options available to them upon completion of their studies in Saint Catherine’s College. Areas of study include applying to universities and colleges, interview preparation and techniques and student finance application. Students attend Open Days arranged by local colleges and universities. Visiting speakers address a range of topics in preparation for further and higher education including personal health and safety and money management. Students in Year 13 undertake a work placement to improve their understanding of the world of work.

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