Heritage & Horizon

Goal 1: A Living Faith in God 

The educational tradition of the Society of the Sacred Heart is rooted in the conviction that faith permeates life

  • The school promotes a personal relationship with Christ, affirms the belief that there is meaning in life and thereby fosters a sense of hope.
  • God's relationship with the individual, with others and with the world underpins the religious formation provided in the school, which supports each pupil in a unique spiritual journey.
  • The school provides opportunities for the celebration of the Eucharist, taking part in the sacramental life of the Church, personal and communal prayer, study of the Scripture and reflection.
  • The school encourages students to make decisions in the light of gospel values.
  • The school is a Catholic institution within the ecumenical tradition of the Church. It promotes among the pupils an awareness of the gifts of the Spirit in other traditions as well as their own.


Goal 2: Personal Growth in an Atmosphere of Wise Freedom 

Character-building is central to the Society's tradition of education

  • The school recognises the uniqueness, inherent worth and dignity of each pupil.
  • Pupils are encouraged to know themselves, to acknowledge and use their gifts to recognise and accept their limitations and to share their talents with others.
  • All school policies and practices aim to ensure that each pupil is valued, cared for and respected in a welcoming and secure community.
  • The school implements policies and practices which further the development of self-discipline and enable pupils to take progressive responsibility for their own lives and actions.
  • School programmes provide for the recognition, development and exercise of leadership in a spirit of service.


Goal 3: A deep respect for intellectual values

A deep respect for intellectual values is embedded in the educational philosophy of the Society of the Sacred Heart

  • The school fosters an atmosphere of freedom, openness and enquiry to encourage the development of pupils to become knowledgeable, questioning and reflective.
  • The school environment encourages recognition of the potential of each individual pupil, responding to the needs and differences of each.
  • An atmosphere conducive to serious study, reflection and intellectual challenge is created at school level.
  • The inter-relating of knowledge will help pupils to see the relevance of their studies in today's world.
  • Enjoyment of learning and commitment to the development of independent life-long learning are fostered.


Goal 4: Building of Community as a Christian Value

The Sacred Heart School has always been seen as a supportive and loving community; in our day this has implications which go far beyond the school itself

  • "Our service of education is carried out in a genuine relationship of mutual interaction, where each person both receives and gives so that all may grow together." - Constitutions of the Society of the Sacred Heart, 1982 
  • The school seeks to develop a participative approach to the building of community and shared identity.
  • School policies and practices are established and reviewed in the light of Christian principles, particularly understanding, caring, compassion and forgiveness.
  • Skills needed to build community are taught: 
    • an attitude of listening, caring, co-operating 
    • skills of communication 
    • self-restraint, having regard for the rights of others, leading to an appreciation of the other person as "other, different, likeable"
  • The life of the school community is deepened by participation in the national and international network of Sacred heart Schools.
  • The programme is designed to help all pupils take their place as responsible citizens, building community in an interdependent world, while appreciating differences in culture, race and religion.

Goal 5:A social awareness which impels to action

Awareness of social injustice and desire to respond actively is part of the heritage of Madeleine Sophie; in our day the Sacred Heart educators continue to encourage this response

  • The school affirms the dignity and equal rights of all human beings, thus awakening a critical consciousness in all members of the school community with regard to social justice.
  • The curriculum includes for all its pupils an appropriate study of the problems of injustice in its many forms.
  • The school provides the knowledge, skills and motivation needed for effective action in helping to remedy injustices, including programmes in conflict-resolution and environmental issues.
  • The school's social awareness policy ensures that pupils engage in effective action for social change.
  • The school shows its commitment to justice by attending to its disadvantaged pupils and by ensuring the justice permeates all aspects of its own educational policies and structures.
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