Educational Philosophy

Saint Catherine's College bases its educational philosophy on the tradition of the international Society of the Sacred Heart. It aims at the harmonious, progressive, overall development of each pupil so that she responds to God's call in her life. Education for Faith permeates the spirit of the school. The school is a community - all of whose members have inherent and therefore equal dignity. Education for personal responsibility and for social justice are integral to this philosophy. In stressing elements such as these we are not so much seeing ourselves as different from other schools as acknowledging that, since education is never neutral, we must choose the direction our education will take, according to values we believe to be central and by which we want to live.

To be true to itself a tradition much constantly adapt itself. The youth of today and tomorrow require an education different from that of previous generations. Saint Catherine's College is committed to ongoing adaptation and wise innovation in order to keep true to its purpose.

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